Seth Thomas Clock

Strike (1/5)

  • Rare Seth Thomas Solid Marble Antique Time And Strike Mantle Clock 1860s 1870s
  • Seth Thomas 89 Al Per-1930 Mantle Half Hour Strike 8 Day-#43
  • Antique Working 1875 Seth Thomas Office No. 1 Time & Strike Regulator Wall Clock
  • Seth Thomas Candle Stick Clock With Dome 8 Day Time And Strike
  • Restored Seth Thomas Tambour 21-1928 Antique Mahagony Time & Strike Clock
  • Vintage Old Seth Thomas Sentinel #1 Mantel Clock Tambour Case Time & Strike Nice
  • Vintage Seth Thomas 8 Day 1 4 Hour Strike Tambour Clock Westminster Chimes Key Wound
  • Restored Seth Thomas Rare Premium Tambour-1915 Antique Time & Strike Clock
  • Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar No. 3 8 Day Time & Strike Double Dial Calendar Clock
  • Plymouth By Seth Thomas 1939 Quarter Hour Strike Tambour Mantel Clock
  • Seth Thomas Restored Antique Ships Wheel Strike Model 44 Clock With Stand
  • Antique Working Seth Thomas Oak Time & Strike Gallery Lobby Regulator Wall Clock