Seth Thomas Clock

Features > 8-day (1/32)

  • Antique Seth Thomas 8 Day Half Hour Strike Fleet Mantle Clock
  • Antique Seth Thomas Steeple Clock 8-day Chime Mantel Pendulum Key Pre-1926 Works
  • Seth Thomas Mahogany Antique Mantel Clock Original Movement Chime & Key
  • Antique Seth Thomas 295-a Adamantine Mantle Clock Green Circa 1906 Pat 1880
  • Working Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock Circa 1920 Original Movement Key
  • Antique Seth Thomas Cathedral Gothic 1900s Bell Mantle Chime Clock Sonora No Key
  • Antique Seth Thomas Patriotic 8 Day Cottage Clock
  • Seth Thomas Vintage Sharon 8w 8-day Chime Mantle Clock Mechanical
  • Seth Thomas Vintage 8 Day Sharon Time Strike Steeple Mantel Shelf Clock With Key
  • Vintage Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock 19th Century Brown And Bronze Copper
  • Antique Seth Thomas Wood Mantle Clock With Chimes
  • Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock Rare Brown Marble Finish Excellent