Seth Thomas Clock

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  • Fine Vintage Seth Thomas Cottage Steeple 8-day Chime Mantle Clock Working With Key
  • Antique /vintage Seth Thomas Ships Clock
  • Seth Thomas Hand Painted Nautical Brass Grandfather Clock Face Dial
  • Estate Fresh Seth Thomas Adamatine Mantel Clock, Color Trimmings And Really Nice
  • Vintage Seth Thomas Mantle Clock No. 124 Silent Chime (defective)
  • Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock
  • Antique Seth Thomas Quarter Hour Chiming Mantle Clock In Running Condition
  • Antique Seth Thomas Shelf Mantle Clock & 2 Candelabra Rococo Gold Gilt Metal
  • Antique Brass 20 In Armillary Sphere Engraved Nautical Astrolabe Tabletop Glob
  • Seth Thomas Cottage Clock Spring Clock Floral Painting W Key And Pendulum
  • Vintage Seth Thomas Quartz Tuscany Brass & Glass With Rotating Pendulum #0185
  • Antique Seth Thomas Red Adamantine Arch Top Mantle Clock Early 1900's Runs