Seth Thomas Clock

Movement > Mechanical (1/31)

  • Seth Thomas Woodbury Westminster Chime Mantle Desk Clock Vintage Made In Germany
  • Antique Seth Thomas Triple Decker Weights Driven Clock With Alarm, 8-day
  • Antique Seth Thomas Weights Driven Ogee Clock 30-hour, Time/strike
  • Seth Thomas Legacy 3w Westminster 1/4 Hour Chime Mantel Mechanical Clock With Key
  • Antique Seth Thomas American Mantle Clock Lion Foot Chime Crown Greek Revival
  • Vintage Antique Seth Thomas Clock Style 3 Half Column Dated April 1877 Look Read
  • Antique Seth Thomas Weights Driven Clock For Repair
  • 1897 Seth Thomas Hydra Adamantine Mantel Clock
  • Fine Seth Thomas Mantel Clock Nautical Design, Circa 1900-40's We Ship
  • Seth Thomas Mahogany Tambour Case 2 Movement Clock 4 Rod Runs Strikes & Chimes
  • Antique Seth Thomas Mantel Clock Adamantine Marbled Paint Glossy Black Case
  • Seth Thomas Antique Mantel Clock Circa 1913