Seth Thomas Clock

Frame Material > Wood (1/5)

  • Antique 1910s Seth Thomas Cathedral Wooden Mantle Clock Brock & Feagan Retailers
  • Antique Seth Thomas Shelf Mantle Clock-totally-restored C/1898 Model -tuscany
  • Antique Seth Thomas Retro Westminster Chime Mahogany Beehive Shelf Mantle Clock
  • Antique Seth Thomas No. 2 Regulator Wall Clock, Reproduction
  • Breathtaking 1925 Seth Thomas Mantle Clock Withkey & Pendulum
  • Antique Seth Thomas 8 Bell Sonora Chime Bracket Clock Westminster & Whittington
  • Antique Seth Thomas Pillar And Scroll Clock Wooden Works Parts Or Restore
  • Seth Thomas Mantel Antique City Clock-n0rmandy Model C/1881 Totally Restored
  • Rare Antique Wooden Seth Thomas York No. 1 Mantle Clock
  • Circa 1820-30's Seth Thomas Pillar And Scroll Mantle Clock For Restoration
  • Antique Seth Thomas Westminster Chime Mantle Clock With Clock Key. Works
  • Antique Seth Thomas Sonora Chimes 4 Bell Beehive Bracket Clock Quarter Chimes