Seth Thomas Clock

Frame Material > Walnut (1/2)

  • Antique Seth Thomas Wall Clock Walnut Cabinet
  • Vintage Mason & Sullivan English Carriage Clock Walnut Westminster Chime (works)
  • Mid-century Seth Thomas 8 Day Clock Walnut/brass Case
  • Antique Seth Thomas Wall Clock Walnut Cabinet Weight Driven Regulator Key Parts
  • Mid-century Modern Atomic Walnut Sunburst Sculpted Wall Hanging Clock
  • Seth Thomas Antique 8 Day Mantle Clock Circa 1900-1920
  • Vintage Seth Thomas Baxter Transistor Cordless Battery Operated Table Clock
  • Seth Thomas Eclipse Mantel Clock Antique 8 Day Gingerbread Walnut Alarm Bell
  • 1983 Seth Thomas Legacy Talley Industries Carriage Clock 30 Year Service Lenox
  • Antique Seth Thomas Eclipse 8 Day Ball-top Shelf Mantle Clock Working With Alarm
  • Seth Thomas Northbury 1w Mantle Clock, 8 Day Quarter Hour Westminster Chime
  • Antique Circa 1930's Seth Thomas Deco Styled Mantle Hour Strike Clock With Key